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COV-19 Update: We understand that start-ups are finding it difficult to raise funds during these turbulent times. We have therefore reduced our reach out costs to assist you in gaining traction in your fund raising activities. Please see the pricing and information section below.

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Investor Reach out

Block Capital has established a vast network of private investors who are always looking to invest in disruptive blockchain projects. Leverage our network and pitch directly.

What is a private investor?

A private investor can be a company or an individual, but private investors are generally classed as high net worth individuals that choose to invest their own money and experience into businesses. There sole aim is of achieving significant financial return from a potential exit via a trade sale of the project. 


Start-up ventures in their infancy and businesses undergoing financial blockade often look to private investors for funding. The amount of money needed from such business can be varied and hence will require private investors at one stage to assist in the business ventures establishment, growth or development. 

Investor contribution

Some private investors may choose to serve as passive contributors, investing only their money and not associated with the business in any other way. Most private equity investors are interested both in the potential of the business owner as well as the business growth. Since private equity investors are usually successful entrepreneurs, they bring into businesses such benefits as their invaluable expertise. The invaluable contribution of private equity investors and the relaxed format of payback terms and conditions translate into a high expected rate of return on investments for fund receivers. 

Benefits of private equity

There are several benefits in going for private equity investors. Many entrepreneurs have come to prefer private equity investors to other forms of funding, and the number of advocates is fast increasing. Benefits of approaching private equity investors for your business ventures: 


Payback terms in private equity investments are less demanding when compared to conventional funding methods such as venture capital. The amount of time involved in meeting private equity investors, following their procedures, and ultimately receiving funds, is substantially lesser than that involved in conventional venture capital firms. Given the immeasurable significance of time in business, private equity investors present a better option for funding. 


Private equity investors are less involved in the management part of the business, involving aspects such as target setting and recruitment. This provides entrepreneurs with greater control. 

Don't spend hours sending pointless emails and LinkedIn messages to prospective investors. Block Capital have verified private investors that trust us to provide them with relevant content and opportunities in the Blockchain verticals.

Order your dedicated reach out campaign now.


Reach out to Private Investors

No Commission

We take no commission on any funds raised

Reach out

Reach out to active and verified private investors

No Middlemen

Deal directly with your investor removing road blocks


1) Complete Form

Provide us with the information we need to put together the best pitch for your project.

2) Receive email confirmation

Once verified you will receive email confirmation with next steps

3) Schedule and send

Schedule and send your reach out campaign.

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