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Corbin Donnelly

Private Investors 

Partner with Block Capital

Block Capital offers intuitive and transparent investment opportunities. We capitalize on revolutionary technology, team diversity and subject matter expertise. 

  • Investment opportunities focused purely on emerging blockchain technology projects with a new asset class of cryptocurrency-related investments.

  • A diversified portfolio of investments with three distinct investment strategies, with the sole purpose of maximizing returns, mitigating risks, and reducing the volatility inherent in this market.

  • Talented, seasoned account managers with clear strategies, goals, targets and loss-prevention techniques.

  • Cryptocurrency market experts adept at identifying solid, trustworthy blockchain projects that offer real-world solutions to problems traditional technologies cannot solve.


We provide a transparent profits payment structure with no hidden costs and a simple management fee structure.

Superior Customer Service

We prioritize our service to our Investor and provide all our Investors direct access to a member of the Executive team.

Management of Risk

We have professionals with experience in the management of risk in banking and high performance investments that manage our Investment Funds.

Clear Terms of Investment

We have created a clear set of terms and conditions that cover your Investment and sets out our obligations.

Join over 15,000 private investors worldwide and invest with Block Capital. 

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