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Corbin Donnelly


Block Capital is a venture capital fund. We were founded to support and invest in distributed ledger technology (DLT) projects that advance the industry and provide positive societal impact. 


There are 6 steps in the application process.

Step 1 – Submission

Startups submit their details via our website. The questions we ask are an important first step in our process as they allow us to get a quick overview of the business. We also request companies provide a link to their deck.

Step 2 – Initial Review

Once the form has been submitted, this creates a card in our internal dealflow management system. Each card is assigned to a member of the Block Capital investment team for review. After this initial review we will notify you on whether your startup will be progressing to the next stage in our process or not.

Step 3 – Deeper Look

Startups that are successful in reaching this stage are eligible for further internal review by additional members of the Block Capital investment team and the investors in our fund. We use this stage to gather more information and dive deeper into reviewing the business in order to build further conviction around a possible fit for investment.

Step 4 – First Interaction

We invite startups that look like they could be a fit for an initial conversion (usually a call). This meeting is with at least one Block Capital Partner. At this point we will be following up with questions that have arisen from our internal review and learning more about the business from the founders.  

Step 5 – Meeting

The final stage in our process involves a presentation to the Block Capital  investment team. During this meeting, which usually lasts around an hour, we like to really follow-up on some of the key areas that we’ve identified. Any startup that is not successful at securing an investment from us can expect feedback as to why.

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