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Modern Vision -

Designing the Digital Future

Block Capital was originally established by Kenneth Chan. Having been an early investor in Bitcoin, Kenneth quickly realized the incredible potential of blockchain technology and set up Block Capital to help entrepreneurs create and execute life changing projects. 

Since our inception we have grown quickly and solidly, more than trebling the team size and funds managed.

We are confident in the future of Block Capital and the projects we invest in.

Like our portfolio companies we have ambitious plans. We continue to target new funds focused on the early stage, technology and blockchain markets, capitalizing on our expertise in these areas.

We support blockchain projects to achieve their ambitions and look for talented management teams with a well developed proposition and vision.

Our focus is on:

  • Fast growing small and medium sized blockchain technology businesses

  • Either early stage or established

  • Requiring up to $5m of investment in an initial fundraising round


With the equity capital and added value we provide, we can guide business to a profitable exit. 

The added value we bring

  • We give entrepreneurs that support they need, when they need it, taking our role seriously as board members or advisers.

  • Our experience has taught us what is important for success in the various stages of a company’s growth and we pass on that knowledge.

  • With our broad range of strategic and operational skills and expertise, we invest our time and effort to grow your company.

We can also connect you with the right resources when required

  • We understand the difficulties of scaling from a start-up to a multi million dollar business.

  • We are with you for the long term through multiple funding rounds to a strategic exit.

  • We have a successful history as both investors and entrepreneurs.

London: Opening Soon

Dubai: Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

The future is upon us

Blockchain has been capturing the imagination of businesses and government organizations, alike. Blockchain provides an immutable decentralized ledger and we don't believe is going away.

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